VBA-Excel: Working with Microsoft Word

You can do wonders with Microsoft Word using your excel, like creating a new word file, open an existing word file, saving it to specific location in your hard drive, print the word document, Add tables to your word document and many more.

Since its and external application, to deal with it first step would be get the instance of the word file or you can say create the Object of the word file using CreateObject Function.

Set objWord = CreateObject("Word.Application")

And that’s it Now you are all set to perform various operations.

In next few sessions you will see the following operations on Word using Excel.

  1. Create a new Word Document
  2. Open an Existing Word Document
  3. Writing Text in Word Document
  4. Create and save the word document
  5. Edit and Save an existing word document
  6. Append­ing Text to Word Doc­u­ment at Beginning
  7. Appending Text to an Existing Word Document – at the End
  8. Add/Insert a Image/Picture in Word Document
  9. Add/Insert multiple Images/Pictures from a folder in Word Document
  10. Open and Print the Word Document
  11. Format already written text in a word document – Format Paragraphs
  12. Format already written text in a word document – Format All Content
  13. Find a word in a specific paragraph and change its formatting
  14. Working with Bookmarks– Insert text After Bookmark
  15. Working with Bookmarks– Insert text Before Bookmark
  16. Get the Instance of already opened word document
  17. Enumerate all the opened word document
  18. Add Table and fill data to the Word document
  19. Format the Existing Table in a Word document

Happy Macro­ing :)

Sumit Jain


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