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VBA-Excel: Date-Time Functions – DateAdd()

Description: The DateAdd () function adds the specified time interval to the date and returns a Variant (Date) Format: DateAdd(interval,number,date) Arguments: interval Manda­tory Type: String expression The time interval you want to add


VBA-Excel: Date-Time Functions – IsDate()

Description: The IsDate() function determines whether expression can be converted into date and  returns the Boolean value based upon that. Format: IsDate(expression) Arguments: expression Mandatory Validate whether expression can be converted into date.


VBA-Excel: String Functions – strComp()

Description: The strComp() function compares the two strings and returns the comparison result in numeric form. Format: StrComp(string1, string2[, compare]) Arguments: String1 Mandatory Type: String First string which gets compared with another one


VBA-Excel: String Functions – Space()

Description: The Space() function returns a string consisting a specified number of spaces. Format: Space (intNumberOfSpaces) Arguments: intNumberOfSpaces Mandatory Type: Numeric Number of spaces you want in the string.


VBA-Excel : 3D-Ranges – FillAcrossSheets Method

  By using FillAcrossSheets you can copy the Range of one worksheet to other multiple worksheets. Steps: Create an array and assign multiple worksheets names ( in which the data to be copied), as...

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