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Input Boxes in VBA Excel (InputBox)

Input Box in VBA Excel is a feature where user can provide input during the runtime of a program. The provided input may or may not be validated further in code.

  • Open a new Excel WorkBook and press “Alt+F11” to open the Visual Basic Editor
  • Copy Paste the following code
Sub FnSomeValues

    intInput = InputBox("Enter the Number")

    If (intInput Mod 2) = 0 Then
        MsgBox "Even Number"
        MsgBox "Odd Number"
    End If

End Sub

  • Run the Macro
Input Box in Excel Macro-1

Input Box in Excel Macro-1

  • Enter ’12’ in InputBox and hit ‘OK’
Input Box in Excel Macro -2

Input Box in Excel Macro -2

Click here to read about ‘Msgbox in Excel Macro’

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