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VBA-Excel: Get all the WeekDays or Working days in Specified Date Range, (excluding Satudays and Sundays)

This tutorial will teach you how to get all the working days or weekdays in a specified date range(excluding Satudays and Sundays), simple but very useful when you have come up with a excel...


VBA-Excel: Date-Time Functions – DateDiff()

Description: The DateDiff() function returns the specified time interval difference between the two dates provided. Format: DateDiff(interval,date1,date2[,firstdayofweek[,firstweekofyear]]) Arguments: interval Manda­tory Type: String expression The time interval you want the difference between two dates.


VBA-Excel: Add/Insert multiple objects from a folder in an Excel Document.

To Add or Insert Multiple objects from a folder in Microsoft Excel, you need to follow the steps below: Create the object of FileSystemObject(Link) Create Folder object using FileSystemObject and GetFolder (link) method and...


VBA-Excel: Array Functions – Filter()

Description:  Filter() Function returns one dimensional array containing the filtered array elements based upon the filter options provided Format: Filter(arrArrayName,FilterValue [, Include[, vbCompare]]) Arguments: arrArrayName Manda­tory Type: Array Array which needs to be filtered


VBA-Excel: Array Functions – Join() – Converts Array to String

Description:  Join () Function returns a String that consist of array elements separated by the delimiter provided. Format: Join(arrArrayName[,delimiter]) Arguments: arrArrayName Manda­tory Type: Array Array Name which needs to be converted into string.


VBA-Excel: Array Functions – LBound and UBound()

Description:  LBound and UBound() Functions returns the starting index ( Lower Bound) and Ending index (Upper Bound) of an array. Format: LBound(arrArrayName [, dimension]) UBound(arrArrayName [, dimension])   Arguments: arrArrayName Manda­tory Type: Array Array...

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