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VBA-Excel: Date-Time Functions — Timer()


         The Timer() func­tion returns the Num­ber of sec­onds and MiliSec­onds since 12:00 AM.




Function FnTimer()
   Dim intSeconds
   intSeconds = Timer
   MsgBox " No of seconds and MiliSeconds since 12:00 AM are-> " & intSeconds
End Function 




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1 Response

  1. NAVEEN C N says:

    I want to con­vert the below tim­ings in words to number

    Col­umn A Col­umn B
    1 hr 25 mins 85
    25 mins 25
    2 hr 15 mins 135

    I need an excel for­mula that con­verts val­ues in A as val­ues in col­umn B

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