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VBA-Excel: UsedRange

In VBA-Excel, Use­dRange is very effec­tive prop­erty when it comes to deal with the excel file which con­tains data. Right from for­mat­ting options of excel sheet to copy past­ing the data, get­ting infor­ma­tions about rows or columns or clear­ing the data from excel.

As the name clearly states that it talks about all the cells in an Excel which are filled. ( All the Range which is used)



Dim main­work­Book As Workbook

Set main­work­Book = ActiveWorkbook

Get the num­ber of Used rows


This will give you the num­ber of Rows which are used.

Clear all the data from the Excel Sheet


Copy the entire data from the Excel Sheet


To know more about copy/paste the data using VBA-Excel click here.

Clear all the con­tents from the Excel Sheet


Clear Bor­der lines from the Excel Sheet


Wrap Text in Excel Sheet

mainworkbook.Sheets(“DummySheet”).UsedRange.WrapText = True


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1 Response

  1. Ron C says:

    Sug­gest adding Use­dRange com­mand for an entire work­book as a final cleanup.

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