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VBA Excel — Cells, Ranges and Offset: Refer Range by using A1 Notations

In the ear­lier tuto­r­ial (Range), you have seen how you use Range prop­erty. In this tuto­r­ial you will see the many dif­fer­ent ways to use Range prop­erty to refer the excel sheet’s rows and columns.

Ref­er­ence — Range (“A1”)

-          Refer Cell A1

Ref­er­ence – Range (“A1:D10”)

-          Refer all the cells from A1 to D10 ( The entire MxN matrix)

Ref­er­ence – Range(“A1:C3”,”D5:H7”)

-          Refer all the cells from A1 to C3 and D5 to H7

Ref­er­ence – Range(“A:A”)

-          Entire Col­umn A

Ref­er­ence – Range(“A:F”)

-          Columns from A to F

Ref­er­ence – Range(“A:A”,”M:M”)

-          Columns A and M

Sim­i­larly you can write the ref­er­ence for rows

Ref­er­ence – Range(“2:2”)

-          Entire Row 2

Ref­er­ence– Range(“2:5”)

-          All the rows from 2 to 5

Ref­er­ence – Range (“3:3”,”5:5”)

-          Rows 3 and 5



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