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FileSystemObject : GetFolder Method


Returns a Folder object cor­re­spond­ing to the folder in a spec­i­fied path.

Format : 

objectOf­FileSys­te­mOb­ject. GetFolder(folderspec)

    • objectOf­FileSys­te­mOb­ject
      • As the names says, it’s a FileSystemObject.

  • fold­er­spec
    • Manda­tory
    • Type:     String
    • Spe­cific folder path
Function FnGetFolderList(strSpecificFolderPath)

    Set fso = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

    Set folder = fso.GetFolder(strSpecificFolderPath)

    Set subFolders = folder.SubFolders

    strFolders = ""

    For Each fld in subFlds

        strFolders = strFolders &

        strFolders = strFolders & " "


    FnGetFolderList= strFolders

End Function

 Msg­box FnGet­Fold­erList (“c:\New Folder”)


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1 Response

  1. anon says:

    For Each fld in subFlds

    Should that be subFolders?

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