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Category: Select


VBA-Excel: Select and Activate Cells — Activate

Here is some­thing inter­est­ing for you, you can use a Acti­vate method to acti­vate a cell within a selec­tion. Acti­vat­ing a Cell Within a Selec­tion Sub Acti­vate­CellInS­e­lec­tion() Worksheets(“Sheet4”).Select Worksheets(“Sheet4”).Range(“A1:H6”).Select Worksheets(“Sheet4”).Range(“D3”).Activate End Sub

VBA Excel – Looping Through a Range of Cells"> 0

VBA Excel – Looping Through a Range of Cells">VBA Excel – Looping Through a Range of Cells

Refer­ring Excel cells using For…Next –Loop For i = 1 to 10 Range(“A” & i).Value = 1 Next Enter ‘1’ in Cells from A1 to A10. Refer­ring Columns of excels using For-Loop For i =…